SAVE the World: A night of beautiful | exciting | evocative music taken from the world of video games.
The gentle waves across a Caribbean beach, the sound of birds in a lush tropical rainforest, the pulsating energy of high tech cities, a cold breeze through vast underground chasms. Video games have taken us on journeys we never thought possible to worlds only from our wildest imagination, and music is fundamental to immersing us in that world.

For its first concert of 2017, Splash percussion invites you on a journey through the recesses of our childhood to relive a modern dream: saving the world. SAVE the World – a videogame anthology is a collection of some of the game tracks that rest in our hearts from our classic and contemporary favorites. Tilt the table, beat the drums of war, watch out for the three-headed monkey and search for your Determination in a truly unique concert that celebrates some underappreciated gems from the medium we grew up with, and a little bit extra on the side.

Featuring themes from Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong Country, Monkey Island, Team Fortress 2 and Undertale as well as two original works inspired by video games, this is a Splash concert not to be missed.


Saturday May 20





Old Darlington School
University of Sydney

Splash Percussion

Splash, or the Sydney University Percussion Ensemble, is the first and only percussion ensemble at the main university campus and the resident percussion ensemble of SUWO.

Splash’s vision is to inspire and encourage young percussionists to continue playing percussion and performing music after leaving High School. To do this Splash provides regular rehearsals and performance opportunities for percussion ensemble music as well as the necessary equipment and support. Splash is unique in that all members are amateur musicians, and all are involved in the creative and organisational processes.

Led by musical director James Guest, Splash engages its members and audiences by performing fun and exciting pieces as well as challenging contemporary works. Splash’s ever growing list of repertoire includes transcriptions, arrangements and novelty items all the way up to serious percussion masterworks by prominent composers such as Steve Reich, Nigel Westlake and John Cage. Splash has also premiered several works written specifically for the ensemble by young, talented composers.

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