SUWO Presents: Angels In The Architecture

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7.30pm | Friday 6 June
1-25 Harbour St, Sydney



This June we are proud to present the first major concert of our 2014 concert season, Angels in the Architecture.

Equal parts beautiful, powerful and terrifying the concert’s feature piece, also titled Angels in the Architecture, by Frank Ticheli unfolds as a dramatic conflict between the two extremes of human existence, one divine, the other evil.

It is this battle which frames our first concert. One of extremes, one between lightness and darkness, good and evil, the light and its shadows.

Other works featured include Night Dances byBruce Yurko, Paris Sketches by Martin Ellerby, Endurance by Timothy Mahr and Foundry by John Mackey along with the theme from Lawrence Kasdan’s classic western Silverado.

Join us this June as we reflect upon the extremes of human spirit and endurance


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Angels in the Architecture concert poster