Executive Committee

Emma Koch - President
Emma Koch \ President
Andrew Wu - Vice President
Andrew Wu \
Vice President
Roisin Sullivan \
Holly Lockhart - Treasurer
Linda Mitchell \ Treasurer
Dan McNaughton - IT Officer
Dan McNaughton \
IT Officer
Grace Mitchell - Publicity Officer
Grace MItchell \ Publicity Officer
Ellena Black - Librarian
Ellena Black \
Rebekah Bradshaw - Equipment Manager
Rebekah Bradshaw \
Equipment Manager
Kate Bradshaw - SPLASH Manager
Kate Bradshaw \ SPLASH Manager
Callum Metzke - General Exec
Callum Metzke \
General Committee

The committee’s vision is to make SUWO a band that:

  • Pursues musical excellence through challenging repertoire and regular performance
  • Develops an ever growing reputation as a high-quality musical ensemble within the wider musical community
  • Provides an opportunity for non-music majors to participate in a high-level music ensemble
  • Develops relationships within the ensemble and promotes a sense of community between members and other musical ensembles on campus
  • Engages and gives back to the wider community through performance and events